Consolidating multiple service desks

One of the key challenges of the Service Desk is to respond to a customer transaction in a timely manner.

Often, two situations occur: either efficiency or budget restrictions result in lengthened service times and poor perception of the service or the focus is purely on speed to answer and the initial interaction is positive but the end result is not highly effective.

On the back-end, licenses and entitlements are managed with drag-and-drop ease.

Ratings, reviews and sharing among peers help drive adoption.

Through constructive disorientation and disconnectedness, and sleight of hand as to where our eye focuses, Kubrick, the magician, intentionally obfuscates these elements that destroy the overt and naturalistic story line.

Doing the ‘right thing’ may actually move the narrower operational Service Desk metrics in the wrong direction; yet at the enterprise level it remains the right thing to do.

Data Cabling brings new technologies together through organized consultation and installation.

Data Cabling solutions include: Fiber Solutions, Rack and Cable Management, Multiple Cable Types and Fusion Splicing.

Timeliness must be handled differently for each activity (for example, the service for a significant production incident or service loss is handled as a ‘live’ telephone call, whereas an order for new equipment would be primarily submitted via a web form).

The demand for the services is often 24 hours a day and global with multiple languages and interaction occurs over phone, web chat, and intranet (and soon, mobile app interfaces).

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They are part of the art of a director cleverly designing the overt story line to be unimpeded by an internal story that tears it apart.

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