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This is a good movie and a good twist on the actual play. Trust will make love even bigger then before, and love can't live without that. "Roxanne" knew that "Cyrano" slept with the Japanese girl, and that he was trying to twist her arm so she would look as guilty as him - which hurt her, v.much, because she thought love meant trust, unconditionally...However it would have been better if Cyrano and Roxanne weren't an ex couple in here. Because Cyrano's character in here is just really hateful. The one for Sang Yong (the christian guy), he is stiff..I mean his character is suppose to be shy..he was suppose to "say from the script" but with so much practice (at least the confession), he should read it fluently but he say it like he is reciting.... BUT, will u forgive someone u love when she/he apologise sincere to you, and promise not do it that mistake again? on the other hand, why did she went to that friend? not because he slept with the girl but because he never consider her feelings in the first place. The Koreans must think they are funny thus the "demand" for this sort of scenes I suppose!But would you have picked your previous partners from only a photo?“If technology has made dating and relationships easier to find then why do UK official statistics confirm the rate of single people has tripled between 20, with single households now making up a third of all households in the UK?) I don't know why it's not popular, if you are hesitant give it a chance you won't regret it! The crazy amount of product placement was a bit annoying, but in all the drama was worth watching. Especially when Min Young keeps talking about the first love and all; it’s giving me goosebumps.Especially since Hong Jong Hyun is such a cutie, i love this movie very much! I liked the script, the actors and the way they act.plot, the story, even the background music, everythings' perfect! Anyway, I am glad to see that Master asked Min Young out because now the love triangle begins! v=Qp AC2ga Kv0M Do you know what I love about Korean Dramas, there is a wide choice of type of drama to watch. Being older, I have had enough drama in my own life and want to watch things that are light, happy, uplifting with a little storyline in it that does not destroy the hero/heroine or their sidekicks. With that said, I will ask that those who have nothing but criticism and degrading for the efforts of the cast, go watch a drama that suits your taste allow the rest of us to simply enjoy this oh so interesting and funny drama with a very talented cast especially Lee Jong Hyuk. I was just reading some of the comments and want to add that Lee Jong Hyuk is the best thing about this drama. I am not sure if producers think that mostly men watch these dramas and that men like to see women as stupid.Min Yeong works as a dating agent and while her field of work requires her to offer her clients the perfect match by levels, she romantically believes that love shouldn't have restrictions.She risks getting into trouble as she plans a date between a low level class client and a higher rank woman.

“If that is all you are looking for, then the online dating and apps may be for you but at Bespoke Dating we believe most of us have imperfections and are looking for someone else who has them too. ” Rachel said: “It may sound like a cliché but chemistry is the key.

Maybe its only in your eyes you can't differentiate them? but "Roxanne" not - she was just happy somebody made her feel like she mattered and was important... He was the one that sin but hurt her so he wont look as guilty.

Just because you saw a ring, doesn't mean the story ends there, or it has a happy-ending :) ...

The agency, created by Brighton businesswomen Louise Minns-Davies and Rachel Roberts, is returning to the industry’s roots and offering a tailored service where clients are carefully matched following an individual face to face meeting.

Louise said: “Many of our potential clients gasp at the thought of not being able to see a profile picture of their potential date.

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