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Orange is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, from whose territory it was erected in 1976.

The diocesan cathedral is the Cathedral of the Holy Family in the City of Orange, and its Bishop Kevin Vann, officially installed on December 10, 2012.

VA also offers health care, disability compensation, and other benefits to eligible Veterans for certain disease conditions, as well as benefits for children of Vietnam Veterans who have spina bifida.

The video connection was lagging at best and the design and features…well let’s just say the idea behind it was great, everything else…not so much.

Of course, they were limited by the technology available at that time.

Veterans who may have been exposed to Agent Orange include Veterans who were in Vietnam, the Korean Demilitarized Zone, on Thai Air Force bases, and who flew on or worked on C-123 Aircraft.

Several decades later, concerns about the health effects from these chemicals, including dioxin, a byproduct of Agent Orange production, continue.

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