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And she isn’t a killjoy who tells her clients to stay at home starving themselves with frozen dinners and mung beans.

Instead, they can go to their favorite restaurants like Nobu and Balthazar, and even drink wine or eat cheese.

Acosta’s story is set in the remote hamlet of Pata de Puerco – Pig’s Foot – in the deep south of Cuba, where the ancestors of his narrator, Oscar Mandinga, once lived lives of violence, squalor and high passion.

Oscar has never been to Pata de Puerco, but finding himself alone – there are hints that he is detained in solitary confinement – he begins to recall his grandfather’s stories of the extraordinary events that took place in the village.

Oscar’s distant relations, Oscar Kortico and Jose Mandinga, were slaves who rose against their masters to fight in Cuba’s 1868 war of independence.

There is presumably not much leisure for reading in the life of an international ballet superstar, but Acosta evidently found a way to make up for lost time, for he cites Gabriel García Márquez and Jorge Luis Borges as inspirations for his first novel, Pig’s Foot. I love traditional Mexican delicacies like mole poblano and tacos de lengua.I love Americanized Tex-Mex, those ground beef burritos with melted cheese everywhere.Melecio is a child prodigy, whose talents bring education to Pata de Puerco.Benecio and Gertrudis move to Havana where, at the end of his life, Benecio tells Oscar the truth about his family, explaining that: “No man knows who he is until he knows his past, the history of his country.” Acosta is not as graceful a stylist on the page as he is on the stage, but he is a lively storyteller, and the magical realist influence of García Márquez et al comes in handy for skipping over the odd structural inelegance (“I’m the narrator and…

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In the mid-1960s, with a horse and pack horse, I rode across Central New Mexico, sticking to the backcountry and looking for places and people that had managed to be overlooked by the modern world.

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