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By the time we reached the pudding I told her that I would wait, and after a bit of late-night kissing (in which I was told that I tasted of ‘erotic raspberries’) she went home. ‘When we sleep together it will be like a wedding night,’ she said. I met her later as arranged and threw my entire being into the tour of Old Jerusalem. After decades of studying military history, I know defeat when I see it.Then she added that her stepfather wanted to meet me. I liberally scattered the six words of Arabic I knew, bought food from street vendors, ruffled children’s hair, dredged the darkest canyons of the mind for any historical context for the buildings we passed, and made it up when the memory failed. It was around 1972, my father had just had his portrait painted by Salvador Dalí, an old buddy of his, and Dad and I went to the Meurice hotel in Paris where Dalí and his wife Gala unveiled it.It’s hard to know whether the scenic courses or the post-ride feast was a bigger hit, but one thing’s for sure: we saw a lot of smiling faces at the finish. Cycling Passions gives people who are part of the Cycling community a place to find one another.You might be thinking that a relationship based on mutual hate can’t be too healthy, let me put your worries to rest.Studies show that people who hate the same things actually have stellar chemistry, which is quite nice.I asked her how she’d managed to land a job as a columnist for .’ She stopped emailing me after that. By the main course we were holding hands under the table. It wasn’t snowing or anything appropriately seasonal. And then there was the man who gave a brief — but not brief enough — summary of the actions involved in coitus before suggesting we try it. With all the chutzpah of an Israeli army strike across the Suez Canal I asked her out for a drink.

In one of these emails she claimed to be a columnist for a magazine called , and that piqued my interest. We agreed to meet in a café and she was quite difficult to spot because, contrary to my fevered imaginings, she was completely flat-chested. Among these gentlemen would be the portly chap in Day-Glo cycle shorts, the man who brought an ugly plant with him, the man who cried, the man who talked unendingly about the rows he used to have with his last girlfriend, the man who sat next to me, miserably unable to speak at all, and the man who got crawling-drunk and then confessed something, mumbly, before hiding in his hotel room for a day. I was honoured by your attentions, but did not require them. Let’s just say that among the overweight male clientele she stood out like a gleaming Israeli settlement in a sleepy Palestinian farming valley.Anyway, recently analyzed data from its users all across America to figure out what the most hated thing in each state is, and then put it all together to create a magnificent map of the United States of Hate.See all of the hate below: Um, let me speak directly to the tuna-haters in Georgia for a minute: what did tuna salad ever do you??There’s fierce competition in the cyclist-fetish dating-app space.Bicy Xual, one similar app, has as its motto, “Are You Bike-Curious?

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Cycle from one charming Bordeaux chateaux to the next with that high school friend you just don’t get to see enough these days.

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