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That way, perhaps they’ll drop the ridiculous motto “Nice guys finish last” and pick up “Nice guys, when they choose to remain nice, more times than not, finish best.”Nice guys are kind (by very definition of the word). And as you mature, you also realize that they are the ones who make dates and keep them. They tend to know just where they are taking you and it’s usually a place that is sweet and memorable.I remember my mother once saying to me, “Shellie, I just want you to marry a kind man. Nice guys are the ones who are gonna call when they say they will and are usually quite clear about their intentions.Our culture is full of examples of less-than-nice guys getting the girl (or many girls)—Han Solo, Barney Stinson, Johnny Castle, and even Jordan Belfort (of ) had no trouble attracting women.When a woman says, “He’s nice,” her ruling may actually be a polite rejection, a recognition of some good qualities, but an overall evaluation of “No, not for me.” The trouble may be in how we use the term really meant weak and boring, however, then nice guys wouldn’t be attractive. In your 30s, you want a man who likes you at the same time that you like him. So, that said, if you’re the kind of man who is gentle with your words, if you call, text and email just to see if the women in your life are OK and (this is a huge selling point) if you can apologize when you are wrong, you are a nice guy. Emotionally healthy women (which is what you are deserving of), they will take notice. When I’m talking to young women who are in high school and college, one of the main things that I tell them is that it’s always to their benefit that they hang around a few nice guys. You know, my running joke with some of my friends is that…In your 20s, you want a man who is fine. However, the more I care about me, the more I want a man who truly does as well. However, as we began to talk more, strictly on a platonic level, and he shared with me the fact that he’s not good at being able to hold down a relationship, that he has a thing for choosing women who have more beauty than substance and then weaving those revelations in with “Oh, I definitely have some issues”, I heard him differently than I’ve heard other men before who were a lot like him. Let’s just say that his friends don’t seem to be the most…polite and I’m a firm believer that friendships reveal a lot about a person.

A refined look at the results shows that Nice Todd was seen as the better marriage partner, steadier boyfriend, and better platonic friend (though he was not significantly preferred for short-term relationships).In this case, the kernel of an article came to me via Twitter as one of my readers linked me to a post on Tumblr with a rant and blistering response between a “Nice Guy” and one of the many women who bought into the “Nice Guy” schtick.The issue of the “Nice Guy” is one that is close to my cold, mercenary heart if only because I’ve spent so much time in that mindset and every “I’ve been friendzoned” rant brings familiar echoes of ones that I wrote myself and broadcast to the uncaring world wide web – ones that fortunately have been lost to the universe, never to be seen againprinted the t-shirt (another college experiment that has been destroyed) I feel the need to educate my Nice Guy brethren as to just what the big fucking problem is with the Nice Guy world view and just Let’s start with the most obvious issue here: the supposed “Nice Guy” is a liar from start to finish.’This unsolved mystery has stumped me for years until now. There are several contributing factors that place Nice Guys in dating purgatory.In the initial stage of a relationship there are many men who try really hard to make women happy.

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