Taylor swift mad demi dating joe

She later reiterated her sentiments in an interview with Refinery 29, saying, “Don’t brand yourself a feminist if you don’t do the work.” puts in the work (as opposed to Swift), Lovato said, “I’m not afraid to talk about the fact that women get paid less than men in the United States and how unfair that is.

Talking about it at all is doing the work.”“I think in certain situations, certain people could be doing more if they’re going to claim that as part of their brand,” she said, before seemingly taking a dig at Swift and her squad.

To some extent, I was used to growing up in public.

I was a pastor’s kid, so eyes were always on me, even then.

Seems like the most logical singers to target for this.

You may recall the “Body Say” singer calling out her fellow pop star for not doing enough to make real changes after Swift donated 0,000 to Kesha amid her legal battle at the beginning of the year.

She then went to rehab for her eating disorder and cutting and cocaine addictions — and it all made for the sort of lurid headlines that the worst part of our human nature gobbles up on Twitter and tabloid sites.

Rock bottom came in 2010, when, at age 18, she punched out a backup dancer while on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

At an unpretentious nail salon in a strip mall in the Valley, Demi Lovato lounges deep into her chair, apologizing to the manicurist for her persistent cough.

She is surrounded by a collection of waters and green teas, salves for the bronchitis that’s been plaguing her for weeks.

Selena used to support her sobriety and her recovery, but lately she is just a trigger to Demi.” EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Demi Lovato – Before She Was Famous “Also, Selena is hanging out with Taylor Swift and acting like they are in high school,” the source says.

“Taylor and Demi do not associate with each other because of all of the drama Taylor put Joe Jonas through after they split and she wrote songs about him.

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