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SQL Server 2014 continues to support nonclustered columnstore indexes as well as the clustered option.As the DBA at the XYZ Company, you've been assigned the task of creating a report that shows sales order data.

Trace Flags are settings that in some way or another alters the behaviour of various SQL Server functions. – You can use the DBCC TRACEON and DBCC TRACEOFF commands – You can use the -T option in the startup configuration fo the SQL Server Service -You can also use the hint QUERYTRACEON in your queries: ::= How do I know what Trace Flags are turned on at the moment?

SQL Server 2014 adds support for updateable clustered columnstore indexes.

With SQL Server 2014, the clustered columnstore index can be used in place of a traditional rowstore clustered index.

CDC has a performance cost, but it's less than other change-tracking solutions such as triggers.

When CDC is enabled, the changes are written to tables in the database and can be accessed using CDC system stored procedures.

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