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I see how I see it, and they can see it how they see it."James had said Sunday that the team he has faced in the NBA Finals the past two years isn't on rival status, and he maintained his stance after Monday night's loss."I don't think there's a rivalry," said James, who also was the recipient of a hard hit by Green that was ruled a flagrant foul 1. I don't believe I've ever had a rivalry in the NBA.

It's just that too many guys move and go places and change different locations.

In animation, the trope can be invoked without fully using it in the case of teenagers, where one character is only a few years younger than their crush, but differing rates of physical development makes the crush look a lot older than them. of kids get crushes on their teachers or on their older neighbors, or friends of their older siblings—and older siblings of their friends.

(One resolution is for differences between the older and the same-age siblings to be mostly maturity; when the kid and the same-age sibling grow up, Settle for Sibling can be a happy ending.) See also Puppy Love, where two little kids crush on in the relationship, see Wife Husbandry, Jail Bait Wait, Teacher/Student Romance, and May December Romance.

In golf, intent is everything, and because Na wasn't trying to make contact, his whiff did not count as a stroke.

It was merely the weirdest practice swing in the game.

Before Monday's game, Cleveland had taken four consecutive contests from Golden State dating back to the NBA Finals in June.

You would think that the breakthrough in Vegas would have vanquished the nightmares, but Na is much too complicated for such a tidy resolution. Na had always been plagued by what he calls a "balk." Well into his backswing, something wouldn't feel right, so at the last millisecond he would swing over the ball.Most viewed this game for Golden State at Oracle Arena as close to a must-win situation as possible, considering it was still a regular-season affair."I don't really think it's about losing the last four that you want to win this game," Green said."Regardless of if Le Bron thinks this is a rivalry or not, I know he wants to beat us and we want to beat them. You see each other two times a year; you want to beat each other.In de eeuwen vóór de wetenschappelijke revolutie werd in Europa de ouderdom van de Aarde vooral bepaald aan de hand van gegevens in de Bijbel.Ook tegenwoordig accepteren een aantal, vooral conservatieve, religieuze groepen alleen schattingen van de ouderdom van de Aarde die gebaseerd zijn op theologische gronden.

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  1. In summer 2015, Preeya will return to the stage playing Pinky - the role originally made famous by Archie Panjabi - in has seen her at the heart of some of the soap's biggest storylines, as Zainab became a mother again in her mid-forties to new son Kamil, struggled to accept her son Syed's boyfriend Christian, and became drained by the behaviour of her controlling and violent ex-husband Yusef (Ace Bhatti). His regular role in the BBC One soap as Yusef Khan, a controlling doctor who made ex-wife Zainab Masood's life a misery, drew widespread attention and awards plaudits.